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Year 2010 Review

I spent a good deal of time this spring in between fishing trips working up and planting a new food plot as well as some older ones. I had never had the opportunity to plant summer food for my animals while on the Tournament Trail, so this was a new experiment.

I planted a mixture of milo and lab-lab in a total of 5 acres in three plots. The milo produced an amazing amount of high quality food for my animals, but the lab-lab was a huge disappointment. When the milo matured, the elk and deer demolished the seed heads. Next year, I hope to improve on my farming skills and produce an even better crop.

The fall hunting seasons started off with a bang when Jordon Nichols came down to try for one of my big elk bulls. He took a great 8X8 trophy bull with two well-placed shots from his 7mm Mag. The bull is at the taxidermist headed for a final destination in his shop at Nichols Marine in Norman, OK.

The deer season was a big success. We hosted five buck hunters who each took the buck of their dreams. The best was a buck with 17 scoreable points with a gross score of 181 5/8”. Pictures of these animals are featured in the Gallery.

Food plot production for the fall season was a bust. We planted several plots in my normal seed mixture of wheat, turnips and winter peas on September 1 with predicted rain. The rain came on time, but in poor quantity. The seeds germinated, then died during the ensuing 6 weeks of dry weather. It was really sad, but that is why I maintain full time free choice feeders with high protein feed for my animals.

With the new year upon us, we are happy for the success we had in 2010 and hope for another good year in 2011. If you are interested in a hunt with us in 2011, please contact us soon. We plan to conduct only a very limited number of hunts. This keeps our animals reaching their potential and allows us to provide high success for our clients.

Speaking of success, we have maintained 100% harvest for our clients. We plan to continue this level of success into the future.


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