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Tarbone Ranch Available Hunts 2016


Pricing And Deposit

Hunts available 2016-1All of the hunts that are offered on Tarbone Ranch require a reservation fee to book the hunt. For single animal hunts the fee is $1000, and if multiple animals will be hunted, the fee is $750 per animal. This fee saves those animals for you and covers a two and a half day hunt and personal guide, lodging for two nights in the cabin on the ranch, and meals during your stay. Once your trophy is harvested, we will also field dress the animal, and deliver it to your vehicle. We can also arrange for the animal to be transported to a nearby meat processor who can skin, cape, and butcher it to your specifications. The reservation fee is non-refundable, but if your plans change and you are unable to make your hunt, it can be transferred to another time.

In addition to the reservation fee, once you harvest your animal there will be a trophy fee for that animal. Guests who accompany hunters on Tarbone Ranch require a $100 per person charge to cover meals and lodging. Wives, children, husbands and friends are all welcome, and you can take as many pictures as you like. We would love to meet your families and treat them as our own.

Please contact us for up-to-date availability and give us the chance to take you on the hunt of a lifetime.

Oklahoma Bison Hunts Trophy Deer Bison Elk HuntsTrophy Bison

This year we will offer hunts for trophy bison. I recommend this hunt for anyone who wants a really big, gnarly bull buffalo for their taxidermist. These bulls are at least 4 years old and weigh up to 2000 pounds on the hoof. They have great capes and make a great mount.

I recommend a gun of a least .30 caliber with some knock down power because of the size and disposition of these animals. Archery hunts are also available, but you need at least 70 pounds kinetic energy from your rig. It will make an exciting hunt for sure.

The trophy fee for a mature bull is $4,500. At times we also have younger bison bulls and cows that are priced accordingly, so please give us a call for these opportunities.

Oklahoma Elk Hunts Trophy Deer Elk HuntsElk Hunts

Trophy bull elk hunts are available in the fall for bulls scoring over 300 inches. They are mature bulls that can be hunted during their rutting season. Hunting elk in Oklahoma during the bugling season is a very unique experience and presents one of the finest hunting opportunities in the outdoors.

The trophy fee for these bulls is $5500, but if the bull measures over 360” gross, there may be an additional cost which will be negotiated before the hunt. A limited number of elk cow hunts are also available during the fall of 2016. The trophy fee for a cow elk is only $1500. Please call for availability.




Hunts_available_2017.docx3.jpgWhitetail Deer

Trophy whitetail buck hunts are available for this Fall. These are mature bucks that will be at least 5 1⁄2 years old and are true trophies. These bucks are wild and have grown up on the ranch. During your stay, you will certainly have the opportunity to look at many deer, several of which will measure over 130” gross.

Available dates start any time after September 1 when the bucks are still in velvet. Our deer rut peaks between October 20 and December 1, and this is the best time to see the bucks at their neck-swelled best.

The trophy fee for these bucks is $1500, but if the buck will score over 135” gross, there may be an additional cost which will be negotiated before the hunt. We will also have a limited number of management buck hunts available for Fall 2016. The trophy fee for these bucks is only $750. 

Travel Arrangements

Airport pick-up is available from the Lawton, OK airport for no charge. Pick-up at the Oklahoma City International Airport requires a $100 fee.

Photo Safaris

We are also happy to offer photographic safaris during most seasons. Guided or un-guided trips make this a great get away for wildlife viewing and photography. Price is dependent on season and availability. Call for availability and pricing for your trip.

Summary of Pricing


 Trophy Fee

 Trophy Bull Elk


 Elk Cow


 Bison Bull


 Bison Cow


 Trophy Whitetail Deer


 Management Buck


* For bulls that measure over 360” gross there may be an additional cost which will be negotiated before the hunt.
** For bucks that measure over 135” gross there may be an additional cost which will be negotiated before the hunt.

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