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Welcome to Ken Cook Outdoors

Welcome to the home page for KenCookOutdoors and Tarbone Ranch. Take a virtual tour of our Ranch and enjoy some of our spectacular views of the Wichita Mountains and its wildlife that inhabits our little piece of heaven.

We have endured a terrible two yearlong drought during 2011 and 2012. During this time we also suffered a horrific fire that destroyed much of our beautiful forest and many animals. 2013 was a better year, but only minimally. We continue to re-build our habitat and animal population. It is a slow, painful process, but we will persevere in our efforts to re-create a paradise for our visitors both human and wild.

After retirement from a 30 year career as a professional bass angler, we have devoted our life efforts to making Tarbone Ranch a destination for others who share our passion for all things wild. We offer a limited number of hunting and photographic safari opportunities for the trophy game animals that live here. We strive to produce top end trophies from our herds of deer, elk and bison by allowing them to reach their potential mature size.

To enhance these possibilities, we maintain food plots of several varieties as well as the native browse and grasses. We supplement the native food availability with high protein deer and elk feed to assure the animals have a continuous supply of nutrition to maximize opportunity to reach their maximize size and health.

We have built a hunting cabin on the property to house our guests in a place that is surrounded by the beauty of the Wichita Mountains and game animals. It is not a five star lodge, but rather a rustic cabin in the woods with all the necessary amenities to assure our visitors a maximum opportunity to enjoy their stay.

If you have interest in sharing our Tarbone Ranch as a hunter or photographer, please contact us for a visit.



December 2013 Update

The past year has been one with lots of excitement on Tarbone Ranch. There was a better rainfall schedule this summer that allowed better establishment of several acres of new alfalfa food plots. Along with this, we also had good re-establishment of native grasses on some of the acreage that was devastated by the wildfire of 2011. We are still encumbered with a very severe drought, but at least there is some improvement.

Along with these developments came great fawn and calf production. The remaining whitetail population has responded very well with great fawn production. The deer population has doubled in numbers, but of course most of them are young. The same is true for the elk. Their numbers have swell adequately with most of the young being females. This has increased our recruitment potential for the coming years. The elk bulls have continued to increase in size and the herd contains several trophy specimens.

Bison too, have responded well to increased availability of native grasses. They have fattened up very well and are very visible on the new grasslands. Two of the three breeding age cows produced female calves this summer. These along with the introduction of two purchased females will allow a better calf crop this summer as well.

This is all very exciting to us as it allows us to see some positive results from our hard work.

We were able to share our Ranch with several successful guests this year. Every one of our hunters managed to take home the trophy of their choice. The smiles we witnessed have gone a long way to remind us why we manage our property for these opportunities.


The last hunt of the season may have been my favorite. Trey took this great management buck. Knoxx was fascinated by his Daddy’s deer. These experiences with families make all our hard work very fulfilling.



Jim and Kyle were first to enjoy a cow elk hunt. They took home freezers full of elk venison for their families. They both made one-shot kills on these big, fat cow elk.


Shon and Bruce were next to take a cow elk. They used a Ballard Action rifle in .45-90 hand-built by Shon. It was awesome.


Ed and Wyatt came to Tarbone Ranch for a second bison bull hunt. Ed took this great bull in the thick woods on the rocky hill. They report that bison has become their families’ favorite meat.


Karel came all the way to Oklahoma to kill a trophy bison bull. His party including girlfriend, Adeline and long-time friends Albert and Maggie, traveled all the way from Belgium and France to enjoy Tarbone Ranch. They also visited the National Reigning Horse Championship in Oklahoma City. We truly enjoyed the international flavor of this hunt. One of the highlights of this visit was a coyote hunt. Karel took a beautiful coyote for his trophy wall as well as this big bison.


Paul came to Tarbone Ranch with a new Smith & Wesson M&P 10 in .308. He proved its effectiveness by making a one-shot kill on this beautiful non-typical buck. The snow added a unique flair to this hunt.


James also visited during a rare December Snow event. He took this great 10 pt trophy with a T/C Venture in .300 Win Mag. This buck weighed 245 pounds and netted 152”. Beautiful animal for his office trophy wall.


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