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November Happenings on Tarbone Ranch

We have completed all of our 2010 deer hunts on the Ranch and every hunter took a great buck. If you have any interest in hunting with us n 2011, give us a call soon.

Early in season, actually late in October, Robert took a great management 8 pt which scored 138”. He took the buck from a group of 5 bucks that were working over one of our alfalfa food plots. He made a great shot and the buck was piled up within 80 yards after a mad dash toward a thicket.

Heather was up next. She was accompanied by my good friend Dave who shot video of the hunt for an upcoming episode of his new show, Trijicon’s Sports Afield, which will appear on The Sportsman Channel. Watch for it to air in 2011. Heather’s buck was a great 9 point, 6 yr old buck that weighed in at a very hefty 215 pounds. This was her second deer hunt and her first buck. She put the buck down in his tracks with one shot at 80 yd shot with a Ruger 300 RCM cartridge from her Ruger M77. After all the video was shot and the celebration was over, her buck scored an incredible 152”.

During prime time of the rut, Dr. Dave and his dad, Chuck came all the way from Pennsylvania to hunt bucks on Tarbone Ranch. We hit it perfectly and the rut was on. Chuck took the buck I called “Pugnasty” on the first full day of hunting. The old buck was tending a doe and after we spotted the pair emerge from a thicket, the stalk took Chuck and his guide Joe within 100 yards where Chuck made a great shot. The big old buck went down within 120 yards. Pug weighed in at 218 pounds.

Dr. Dave was up in a tree stand that evening with Joe who was standing in as guide since I was down and out with a bad case of Shingles. Dave wanted to bowhunt and was interested in taking the buck named “Crazy”. After putting them into a stand at 4:00 pm, we awaited a call of their success. It didn’t take long before the call came in. Sure enough, Crazy had emerged from the bedding area right under their stand. Dave took the shot at about 20 yards after the buck had spooked a little from some stray noise.

Upon the shot, the buck ducked to escape and the arrow struck him high just over the shoulder. Knowing the shot was most likely not fatal, we waited until the next day to attempt recovery. After a difficult trailing job and tough follow up shot, Crazy was on the ground. Dave went CRAZY on Tarbone Ranch. This buck scored 181 5/8” with 17 scoreable points. Wow, what a buck!

Our last hunter, Jason arrived on December 3 for a late season outing. After an evening sit and seeing only small bucks, we moved to another food plot for the morning hunt. We were teased be several young bucks and lots of does until just before dark when a great 8 pt buck appeared near the other end of the clover field. This 6 yr old management buck came to within 100 yds of our blind to visit some does. This was a fatal mistake and in the fading light Jason made a great heart shot which put the buck down within sight. This old buck weighed in at 194 lb after a long hard rut chasing does around the Ranch.

We have maintained a 100% success rate through the season and this makes us very proud. Our bucks are all born and raised in the rolling hills of Tarbone Ranch and are not easy to hunt by any means. My advantage is the time I spend among the deer and my intimate knowledge of the terrain and hunting opportunities.

We plan to take only 5 more deer hunters during the 2011 season, so if you are interested, give us a call soon.


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