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Tarbone News February

We have had the worst winter in memory this year. The snow storm on Christmas Eve stayed with us for over 2 weeks and was beautiful for awhile. Then it became mud and wasn’t so pleasant. Just when we got over that, the ice storm of January hit with a vengeance. We had over an inch of ice on everything and it has left a mark on just about every tree on Tarbone Ranch.

Our power was off for 8 days and we grew a greater appreciation for electricity which we take for granted most of the time. We ran a generator to keep the freezer and fridges running. It also allowed us to stay warm by burning our fireplace with its fan blowers. Glad that is over for sure. Now if I can just get most of the downed trees and branches out of my yard, I will be ready to go fishing.

We changed to a MAC computer during the down time and it has been a struggle to transfer most of our data and files from our PC, but I think it will be a good move when the transfer is complete, if ever.


We have a couple more trophy bison hunts to complete this month, then Tammy and I and our new Golden Retriever puppy, Moxy are heading South to Falcon and maybe Choke Canyon for a couple of weeks to stretch our legs, arms and fishing line. We deserve a vacation from the Ranch for awhile.

After that, I have plans to do some spring planting for summer food plots. I have never been able to do that during my fishing career because of the schedule, but I think it will be a valuable asset for the upcoming season. Planning to plant lab-lab and maybe some soybeans for a summer crop. I hope the animals appreciate this effort. They usually do.

The new availability and pricing for 2010 hunts are posted on the Tarbone Ranch link, so check it out and make plans to be among the first to enjoy hunting with us.


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