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This is my home place where I have lived for 14 years. I bought the land in 1987 and put it under high fence in 2005. I have managed the property with food plots and protein feeders to help the animals reach their genetic potential. They have been growing to trophy proportions with little or no hunting pressure since then. I have introduced new genetics from northern strain whitetails to enhance the natural potential of deer from the area. The main part of growing bigger bucks is allowing them to reach an older age. Because of all these reasons, the bucks are really getting big and are very wild and ready for your hunt. I will have lots of bucks that are 5 plus years old by 2009 and they are already growing some awesome racks.

I am building a hunting cabin to accommodate my guests for the hunt packages. The stay on the property with opportunity to see the many animals will be worth the trip to Meers. Check it out!

I’ll be booking hunts for trophy whitetail deer, elk and bison for the fall and winter of 2009. Check out the Tarbone Ranch page or send me an inquiry if you are interested in being one of the first hunters to share this paradise with me.

Tarbone Ranch Hunts

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Announcing the availability of Hunts for Trophy Bison for the fall 2007. 

I recommend this hunt for anyone who wants a really big, old gnarly bull buffalo for their taxidermist.  These bulls are 8-10 years old and weigh around 1800 to 2000 pounds on the hoof.  They have the great capes and make a great mount.  In winter, their coats are heavy as you can see in the pictures on the gallery.  They are not your ordinary bison, but the best of the biggest bulls.  You can find bison bulls for less money, but you will absolutely not find a better bull for a trophy mount.

Hunts are booked for two days and it can take that long to find the right bull in the heavy cover on Tarbone Ranch. 

The harvested bull will be field dressed and delivered to your vehicle, or I can arrange for the animal to be transported to a nearby meat processor who can skin and butcher it to your specifications.  One caution, it will be tuff.  Most of the meat will be best used as ground burger due to the age of the animals. 

I recommend a gun of a least .30 caliber with some knock down power because of the size and disposition of these animals.  Also, archery hunts are available, but you need at least 70 pounds Kinetic Energy from your rig.  It would make an exciting hunt for sure.

These hunts are personally guided by Ken and it will be a hunt of a lifetime for only $3500.  Available dates are after November 10, 2007.   This hunt requires a deposit of $1000. Contact me This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Elk Hunts for 2008

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Elk Hunts for 2009

Trophy bulls are available for hunts during the elk rut and bugling season after September 1, 2009 for a very few bulls scoring over 300 inches. They are six point or better bulls that can be hunted during their fall frenzy of chasing the females. Bull hunts are 2 ½ day hunts and require a non-refundable $500 deposit and $500 for the hunt, guide and lodging. The trophy fee is an additional $5000 for a total cost of $6000. Additional days of hunting and nights of lodging will be available at additional cost. Hunting elk in Oklahoma during the bugling season is a very unique experience and presents one of the finest hunting opportunities in the outdoors. Also, just available bulls scoring up to 400” are available. Call for pricing.

Elk cow hunts are available during the fall of 2008 as well. The deposit is still $500, but the trophy kill fee is only $500.

Both Elk hunts include two nights stay in our new Hunting Cabin in the middle of Tarbone Ranch. Additional nights stay may be available for additional cost. Contact me Here

Whitetail Deer for 2008

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Whitetail Deer for 2009

Management buck hunts available for fall 2008 include bucks that score up to 140 inches. These will be 4 ½ or older bucks with 8 points or less. I have several really big bucks that have only 7 or 8 points, but are heavy and wide. These hunts are 2 ½ day hunts including two nights stay in our hunting cabin on the property. Included in the price is the opportunity to harvest a doe deer. The total price includes a non-refundable deposit of $500 and the remainder of the hunt/guide/lodging cost of $500 upon arrival at the Ranch and a trophy kill fee of $1500. That way, if you don’t find a buck that pleases you, the hunt costs only $1000. If you take a buck, then the total cost is only $2500. Also, additional night’s lodging may be available at additional cost if it takes longer to find the buck you like. These hunts are the first available on Tarbone Ranch and each will be guided personally by Ken.

Trophy whitetail buck hunts are available for the first time for a very limited number of bucks that score over 140 inches. These are bucks that will be reaching 5 ½ years of age and are gnarly trophies. These hunts are 2 ½ days and include two nights stay in the cabin on the property and include a doe harvest as well. Price for trophy buck hunts includes a $500 non-refundable deposit and an additional hunt cost of $500 with a trophy fee of $3500. There is no guarantee of finding a buck like this, but I assure you there are several of them around the property. They are wild deer that can be exceedingly difficult to get in your sights. If we cannot find a buck that pleases you, the hunt costs only $1000. You will certainly have the opportunity to look at lots of bucks. Additional days of hunting and lodging may be available at additional cost.

Available Dates start any time after September 1 when the bucks are still in velvet if you like. These velvet bucks make a great mount and are pretty unique, but dates are very limited. Our deer rut between October 20 and December 1, and this time frame is prime time to see the bucks at their neck swelled best. You can be among the first to enjoy the Tarbone Ranch hunting experience if you act now to reserve your space. All these buck hunts include being personally guided by Ken on his Tarbone Ranch property. If you kill early in the hunt, we can even go fishing if you like. Just spending time on Tarbone Ranch seeing all the game may be worth the price of the hunt. Come enjoy Oklahoma’s finest scenery with Ken and Tammy. Contact me Here

Tarbone Ranch Price List: 2009/2010

  • Trophy Buck $4500
  • Management Buck $2500
  • Trophy Bull Elk $6000 & up
  • Cow Elk $1000
  • Spring Turkey $1000
  • Trophy Bull Bison $4000
  • Meat Bull Bison $1500
  • Meat Cow Bison $1000

Prices listed include Lodging and Guide fee ($1000) and the remainder of the total is your trophy fee. Therefore, if you fail to connect you pay only $1000.

Deer, elk and turkey hunts are 2.5 days with lodging on the Ranch. Arrive in the afternoon, sight in your weapon, then hunt 3 mornings and 2 evenings.

Turkey hunts include opportunity at two gobblers.

Bison Hunts are one day/night.

Hunts are fully guided and No One hunts alone. Included is field dressing of game taken.

Wounded animals are considered in the bag.

Hunting is from blinds and/or stands or spot and stalk.

This is wild game hunted under sometimes difficult conditions. Therefore there is no guarantee, only opportunity


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